Tuesday, 29 January 2013

20 facts about me ....

Yes I am jumping on the bandwagon, but I realised that you probably don't know that much about me outside the beauty things I write about, and that doesn't seem quite right so ...

1. I'm a student midwife! I'm currently in my first year, but I don't talk about it too much on my blog because we have to be careful about confidentiality etc. But, I am absolutely loving it, even though it is far harder than I ever imagined it would be. (Just as an added extra seeing as I'm sharing ... I've delivered two babies myself and seen 16 babies being born in total)! 

2. My parents currently have a Shetland pony staying in their back garden that my brother decided to rescue. Aswell, as about 16 chickens, 2 cats and a dog. 

3. I'm engaged!!!! 

4. I met my fiancĂ© at school when we were 11, we started going out at 15 and have made it through university! So it can happen, and don't let people tell you it's only a school relationship if you feel like it's more!

5. I play rugby for my university. I play full contact, and on my first match won forward of the match and had to down a can of pear cider. It was the first time I've ever drank cider and I failed miserably :) 

6. I am also part of the knitting society.  

7. I absolutely love chocolate and Diet Coke, in fact I'm drinking a can now and am seriously contemplating going to the shop to get some chocolate. 

8. I am also addicted to the Daily Mail. I know everyone says it's crap, but I would rather keep up to date with some sort of news than not pay attention at all.

9. Unfortunately, one of my close friends from school passed away this summer.

10. My surname is Mee. Yes, really.

11. Honey Boo Boo Child brightens me up when I'm feeling down. Haha. 

Some of my favourite quotes include; 

'I wish I had an extra finger ..... so I could grab more cheeseballs'

'I'm going to vegetate my fat ass'

'There's nothing wrong with being a little gay ... everybody's a little gay'

12. I had an operation under general anaesthetic when I was 8 to remove a needle that I got stuck in my hand when I was doing handstands on some material... the day before we were going on holiday.

13. That same holiday, my dad trapped my fingers of the same hand in the car door and I broke them and we had to go to a French hospital.

14. I'm an emotional hoarder, and literally keep everything e.g. cards, cinema tickets, from anyone/anything that means something to me.

15.  I really don't like flying, but I have been lucky enough to go to some amazing places in the world. I've been to China, Russia, New York, Dublin, Sicily and many other lovely places, especially when me and Mike went round Europe together a couple of summers ago. 

16. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, all of whom have partners who we are very close to (so that's a pretty big family), and my eldest sister has Cystic Fibrosis, and she also has a little boy! 

17. I love going to the cinema! It's definitely one of my favourite things to do!

18. I'm rubbish at staying in touch with people, but I make a lot of effort to see people if I can and when I do see them it's like we've never been apart :) 

19. I ran a half marathon for Birmingham Children's Hospital, and I reached my goal of completing it in under 2 hours!!

20. I'm from Stratford upon Avon ... where Shakespeare was born, yet have never been to his birthplace museum. 

Hopefully, you now know a little bit more about me!