Monday, 16 July 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick ...

I have to admit that this is my first ever Clinique product, and I'm not even really sure why. I've always been attracted towards the Chanel stands and more recently Mac as well, and consequently other make up counters get neglected. My mum really loves their skincare, and rarely buys her high range products from anywhere else, so I thought I would have a quick browse when I was last in a department store. I was initially interested in their moisturisers, but quickly got distracted by their chubby sticks. I have heard quite a lot about these and I really like a sheer, subtle red lip. I have also seen the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, but none of the colours piqued my interest so I didn't pick any of them up. However, I loved so many colours in the Clinique range that I couldn't resist temptation any longer, and I bought 05 Chunky Cherry. 

The Revlon Balm Stains cost £7.99 in Boots, but seem to be on an introductory offer of £5.99 in  most shops, whereas the Clinique Chubby Sticks cost £16. Although there is quite a price difference, I'm perfectly happy that I bought the more expensive one because I really like the colour I chose, and I didn't find one I liked in the Revlon range. Personally, I would rather spend £16 on something I liked, than £5.99/£7.99 on something I wasn't that bothered about. Well, that's my logic anyway. I'm not sure my boyfriend would agree though. :)

At first I wasn't overly keen on how bulky the Chubby Sticks are, but it has grown on me, and I quite like how substantial they are now. Another thing I was concerned about was how big the end used for applying was, and if it would be accurate, but I've found that as long as I have a mirror I can apply it with no real problems. However, I did try to do it without a mirror once, and it may be due to my inadequate make up expertise, but I resembled a five year old that had stolen their mum's lipstick. 
Another thing to add is that you don't sharpen the end (this would result in a chubby stick related disaster), you twist the other end to move up the amount of product. You also need to take care to keep some sort of pointed end, because I imagine if that goes completely it would be really hard to apply accurately. 
It has shown up more golden in this photo, but in real life and on my lips it actually appears more red. I really like this colour, and I think the colour pay off is pretty good, although they aren't super long lasting. I also like how moisturising the chubby stick is, and really leaves my lips feeling soft. Overall, I will definitely be looking at the range again to see if any other colours catch my eye, as Clinique do a huge range from nudes to purple, and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a quick and easy to use lip product. I'm also really interested to hear what people think about the Revlon Balm Stains, and I might buy one to compare with the Chubby Sticks if I see a shade I like.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Books I have read 2 ...

I actually bought the first book of  this trilogy without realising it was an erotic novel (honestly!!!). I was at the train station getting ready to go back to Birmingham from Manchester and thought I would pick up a book from WhSmiths, and this was high up on the fiction book chart. I'm also a bit of a sucker for a moody man, so thought that from the blurb on the back this would be right up my street. Cue a rather embarassing moment with my boyfriends mum when I was reading the book in my living room a few pages into the book, and she walked in and said 'oooo I didn't know you liked erotic novels, I've got that on my iPod so let me know if it's any good'. Up until that moment I had no idea it was an erotic book but a few pages later, boy did I find out. I would actually recommend this book to anyone who is tempted to read it. In my opinion, the erotic sections of the book distract from the storyline and the plot could have been made much stronger. Also, towards the end of the last book, I found I was almost desensitised to the erotic parts. Almost like 'blah blah yes you like to be tied up' , and found I wanted to know the characters in more depth instead. However, the books may have not gained the same notoriety if they had not been quite so outrageous. 
I picked this book off my mum's bookcase at my parent's house, as I had heard that the film was very good, and was looking for an easy read. I actually really enjoyed this book, and it was very interesting to look at the atrocities that happened during the Second World War from a German aspect, both teenager and adult. It also highlights other issues, which I would like to talk about but could ruin the book for people who want to, but have not yet, read it. :( Overall, I would definitely recommend this for anyone with any interest in the topic, as it is a quick and easy read. 

I picked this book up as light read for a weekend away with my boyfriend's family.  I have already read a couple of other books by Jane Costello including 'Bridesmaids', I don't think the film is based on this book but it is a similar sort of theme, which I really liked so I thought I would like this one. Although the plot was pretty predictable, it was good as a light chick-lit read. 

I also picked up these two books for the weekend away with my boyfriend's family, and I downloaded them on my kindle and read them in the car. I'm not even exaggerating I was laughing the most I've ever laughed with a book. The first one especially is hilarious, and the second one carries on the same theme. The first one is about the trials and tribulations of dating, and like I said earlier, I was chuckling the whole way through. Out of all of the books I have read recently, I would recommend these the most, and really enjoyed reading them. 


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Graduation ...

Last week I had my graduation ceremony. It was a really good day, and felt like a turning point in my life, so I thought I would share some photos with you! My mum, dad and boyfriend all managed to get time off work and I was so pleased they could share the day with me! I had to hire my outfit prior to the day and oh dear god they were expensive. It cost £44 just to hire them! But they have you in a bit of a bind because you can't really rock up to the degree congregation without them, so I begrudgingly paid my £44 and dressed up in my ridiculous gown, sash and mortar board. It was actually quite nice wearing them because they were so unusual, but I don't think the mortar board suited me at all. Haha. The degree congregation ceremony was really nice as well, and the speeches didn't drag or anything, and in other circumstances I would probably have found a lot of the pomp and tradition a bit too much, but actually it made you realise how much an achievement to graduate is. Anyway, here are some photos. A word of warning; blame my mother for some of the poses because she is a bit of a nutter :)


Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer Outfit ...

I thought I would do a quick outfit post today. It was so lovely yesterday, yet today is horrendous! I have been holed up inside all day. Although there is something about being all cosy and wrapped up inside and listening to the rain falling on the windows outside, it is supposed to be summer!! Give us some sun!! Anyway, yesterday my boyfriend and I thought we would go down to the logs at the end of my garden (my brother is a tree surgeon and sells wood from the trees he removes), and take some photos of my dress etc. I don't usually do outfit posts because I don't think I'm particularly fashionable but it was such a lovely day I thought I would give it a go. What do you all think? Should I do some more outfit posts?

What I am wearing ...

Dress ... Glamorous
Denim Jacket ... Topshop
Wedges ... New Look
Bag ... Accessorize
Watch ... DKNY
Bracelet ... Links


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mint Candy Apple ...

I have heard so many good things about Mint Candy Apple from Essie, so when I saw the Essie stand in my local Boots I thought I would give it a go and try it out. I was also really interested to see if I preferred the diffusion line brush to the original brush, as all my other Essie nail polishes are from the original line. The original brush is thinner and takes me a couple of strokes to cover the nail, whereas the diffusion line brush is thicker and a curved shape, so only normally takes me one, max two, strokes to apply it to the whole nail. I actually prefer the diffusion line brush, although it may not be as accurate as the original one, I find it makes the application much quicker and I'm not overly bothered about my nails being super tidy. I also really like the Essie formula. I have found with my other Essie nail polishes, as well as with Mint Candy Apple, that the coats dry really quickly, but are also quite opaque and so only need two coats and are quick to apply. I'm not overly patient when I'm doing my nails and often get bored, so this is good for me. Essie nail varnishes have only just become readily available in the UK, and I'm so glad they are! They cost £7.99 from Boots, and are apparently available in Superdrug as well. This is probably towards the top end of what I would pay for a nail varnish. Although I really like high end brands for other products, like foundation, I just can't seem to justify the price for something like nail varnish when I like other cheaper brands like Topshop just as much. I also really like the colour of Mint Candy Apple. I think it is quite unique, and I have already had lots of compliments on it (especially from my boyfriend who weirdly really likes quite out there nail varnish). I also think it is a really nice shade for summer, and overall, I'm really glad I bought it and will definitely be looking there again. 
With flash ...
Without flash ...

Monday, 2 July 2012

A Quick Life Update ...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days, for some reason I actually thought it would be easier to write most days when university was done and dusted, but nope, apparently not. So I'm sorry for neglecting everyone but sometimes life just gets in the darn way :) So, today I thought I would do a quick update on what's been going on in my real life, before I get back onto the more normal posts tomorrow. One of the most important things that has happened recently is that I have got my degree results!!! I only had to wait one month from my last exam until my results, so I really feel for everyone who hasn't got their degree results yet, and even more for the people who have to wait an age for GCSE and A Level results, but boy did that one month drag. It was such a hard month, and the results were always on my mind. I was hoping to study Midwifery at University of Manchester, and I needed a 2:2 in my current degree to get in. Now, this may sound easy, but my exams were so hard and I was really starting to doubt myself, but .... I got it!! Whoop whoop! It was a pretty horrendous experience; the results were just put up on a board for everyone to see, and everyone was trying to see them at the same time, but I did it and I got a 2:2. I'm not a huge brainbox and did find my degree really hard, albeit enjoyable, and I'm so relieved to be able to say that I'm going to be studying Midwifery!!!! I start in mid-September so I still have a while to get ready, but I thought I would share the shoes they recommend with everyone, because boy are they ugly! I've tried to see if there are possible alternatives, but the criteria for your shoes are pretty specific, and I'm struggling to find anything more attractive! However, I have been assured that they are comfortable, so maybe I will cultivate a secret love for them in time!
Clark Unloops - stock photo from Clarks website
Like I said, attractive! Although, I think it shows how much I want to be a midwife that I am happy to forgo nice footwear in exchange for the job! And I am a girl that loves her nice footwear! Anyway, another pretty exciting development in my life at the moment, is that I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend!! I am so excited about this! We have been going out for a while now (over 6 years) so this should have happened a while back now really, but we have been at different uni's so it's been impossible. We have already found a one bedroom flat in Manchester that we both absolutely love, and we move in mid-August! It is so lovely! It is a duplex apartment, with lovely exposed brickwork and a nice big living room, so room for friends to stay over because some of them were so small it would have been pretty difficult having people over. It is furnished, which is working quite well because it is severely restricting how much I can buy, otherwise I would have dragged Mike off to Ikea and bought most of the store by now! 

HEMNES Dressing table with mirror IKEA Provided with safety film - reduces damage if glass is broken.
Hermes dressing table - IKEA - stock photo
Like this, ooooo it's pretty, but nope don't have the room, so instead I have bought lovely little tealight holders :) , which are a bit more suitably sized for our little apartment. 
Tealight from Sugar and Spiced website
Anway, that's about it for now, except for little things, like I had my athletics competition that went well yesterday, I've just spent the weekend with my boyfriend's family in the Peak District, oh and I'm going to Cardiff next weekend for a fake hen do! Pretty standard :) I have tried to find some funny drunk hen do pictures, but surprisingly they seem to be quite hard to find?? So, I will carry on the search and may add some to the end of other posts.