Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Books I have read 2 ...

I actually bought the first book of  this trilogy without realising it was an erotic novel (honestly!!!). I was at the train station getting ready to go back to Birmingham from Manchester and thought I would pick up a book from WhSmiths, and this was high up on the fiction book chart. I'm also a bit of a sucker for a moody man, so thought that from the blurb on the back this would be right up my street. Cue a rather embarassing moment with my boyfriends mum when I was reading the book in my living room a few pages into the book, and she walked in and said 'oooo I didn't know you liked erotic novels, I've got that on my iPod so let me know if it's any good'. Up until that moment I had no idea it was an erotic book but a few pages later, boy did I find out. I would actually recommend this book to anyone who is tempted to read it. In my opinion, the erotic sections of the book distract from the storyline and the plot could have been made much stronger. Also, towards the end of the last book, I found I was almost desensitised to the erotic parts. Almost like 'blah blah yes you like to be tied up' , and found I wanted to know the characters in more depth instead. However, the books may have not gained the same notoriety if they had not been quite so outrageous. 
I picked this book off my mum's bookcase at my parent's house, as I had heard that the film was very good, and was looking for an easy read. I actually really enjoyed this book, and it was very interesting to look at the atrocities that happened during the Second World War from a German aspect, both teenager and adult. It also highlights other issues, which I would like to talk about but could ruin the book for people who want to, but have not yet, read it. :( Overall, I would definitely recommend this for anyone with any interest in the topic, as it is a quick and easy read. 

I picked this book up as light read for a weekend away with my boyfriend's family.  I have already read a couple of other books by Jane Costello including 'Bridesmaids', I don't think the film is based on this book but it is a similar sort of theme, which I really liked so I thought I would like this one. Although the plot was pretty predictable, it was good as a light chick-lit read. 

I also picked up these two books for the weekend away with my boyfriend's family, and I downloaded them on my kindle and read them in the car. I'm not even exaggerating I was laughing the most I've ever laughed with a book. The first one especially is hilarious, and the second one carries on the same theme. The first one is about the trials and tribulations of dating, and like I said earlier, I was chuckling the whole way through. Out of all of the books I have read recently, I would recommend these the most, and really enjoyed reading them. 



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