Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mint Candy Apple ...

I have heard so many good things about Mint Candy Apple from Essie, so when I saw the Essie stand in my local Boots I thought I would give it a go and try it out. I was also really interested to see if I preferred the diffusion line brush to the original brush, as all my other Essie nail polishes are from the original line. The original brush is thinner and takes me a couple of strokes to cover the nail, whereas the diffusion line brush is thicker and a curved shape, so only normally takes me one, max two, strokes to apply it to the whole nail. I actually prefer the diffusion line brush, although it may not be as accurate as the original one, I find it makes the application much quicker and I'm not overly bothered about my nails being super tidy. I also really like the Essie formula. I have found with my other Essie nail polishes, as well as with Mint Candy Apple, that the coats dry really quickly, but are also quite opaque and so only need two coats and are quick to apply. I'm not overly patient when I'm doing my nails and often get bored, so this is good for me. Essie nail varnishes have only just become readily available in the UK, and I'm so glad they are! They cost £7.99 from Boots, and are apparently available in Superdrug as well. This is probably towards the top end of what I would pay for a nail varnish. Although I really like high end brands for other products, like foundation, I just can't seem to justify the price for something like nail varnish when I like other cheaper brands like Topshop just as much. I also really like the colour of Mint Candy Apple. I think it is quite unique, and I have already had lots of compliments on it (especially from my boyfriend who weirdly really likes quite out there nail varnish). I also think it is a really nice shade for summer, and overall, I'm really glad I bought it and will definitely be looking there again. 
With flash ...
Without flash ...


  1. Such a lovely shade, brings out the colour in your skin! Lovely x`

  2. It's a lovely colour! Very summery :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx