Thursday, 12 December 2013

Photoshopping Photos for Facebook

Recently I went on a night out in Manchester with my boyfriend, his sister and her friend. We hadn’t met her friend before but we all had a really good night (we went to Walrus in the Northern Quarter which I really recommend).  However, when the photos were put on facebook the next day I noticed that some of them appeared to be heavily edited.  A lot of my friends liked or commented on the picture saying how nice I looked, but to be honest I feel a bit annoyed that someone else has gone to the effort of editing a photo of me to make me look better. It feels like I’m being dishonest and insecure about how I look, when actually I’m quite happy with the imperfections. Obviously I edit photos that I publish on my blog but that is to show products at their best or to improve lighting, not to make myself look better. I am probably being oversensitive but I wondered what other peoples’ views are on editing personal photos for things like facebook. Do you edit your own photos or would you mind if someone else edited photos of you? Recently, there have been a number of articles on how much editing can change images portrayed in the media and I feel that it is a shame that people are changed to such a degree to display a ‘perfect’ image that is completely unreal, and I think it is a real shame that it has infiltrated our society to the extent people edit what they look like in personal photos. 
The edited full body version

The edited face version


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