Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Skincare Review ... Algenist 'Firming and Lifting Cream'

When I was in Space NK this September spending some of my birthday money, I received a free gift because I have a Space NK card and I just happened to mention it was my birthday! I had no clue you get a gift when it’s your birthday so I’m very lucky! I received a moisturiser from a brand called Algenist. I had never really heard of Algenist before but I’m always happy to try new things and before I knew it I’d used it all up!
                Algenist is a brand from San Francisco that focuses on skincare based on micro-algae and Alguronic acid. The sample I was given was their ‘Firming & Lifting Cream’ and I’m not going to lie I was shocked at how much a full size pot costs. The sample I received was 15 ml, however a 60ml pot from Space NK will set you back £76! I finished my pot within 2 months so it could become quite an expensive habit!

                Moving on from the price, I actually really enjoyed using this moisturiser. It is really light and non-greasy and feels lovely to apply. My skin is dry so I definitely needed something heavier for night time but during the day, especially before the weather got colder, the consistency was lovely. After using it consistently for a couple of weeks I also felt a change in my skin, with it feeling softer and less dry. However, I have used other moisturisers that have made my skin feel the same for a much cheaper price. I also do not necessarily feel that it fulfils the ‘firming and lifting’ title, although it made my skin feel softer and more hydrated, I don’t think it particularly made my skin look firmer or any younger. There was also a slight smell to this moisturiser but it was very subtle and inoffensive.

                The packaging of the sample looks very similar to the full size product, and I wasn’t particularly impressed. If it was under £20 I wouldn’t mind about the packaging but at £76 I want it to look expensive. The packaging is plastic with a simple grey and white design, inoffensive but nothing special. Also, I’m not particularly keen on jars for moisturisers with all the finger dipping etc. However, that would never be enough on it’s own to stop me from buying it.

                Overall, I was very happy to receive and use this product for free, however I would not recommend it to a friend or repurchase it myself. I just don’t think it is special enough for even half the price. However, I don't think I am the target market, although I won’t turn my nose up at anti-aging products they might not make the maximum difference on my skin, and also they are not what I am ultimately looking for in my skincare at the moment (give me a few more years of night shifts and I’m sure they will be though)!

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