Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Eyebrow Routine ..

Filling in my eyebrows used to be something I was never really interested in, but over time it seems to have wormed its way into my essential make up routine. I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed at my local Benefit counter every 6-8 weeks for £18, and I normally ask for quite a subtle tint as I like the well groomed but natural look. At the moment, I am coming up to about 8 weeks since I last had them done so apologies if they are looking a bit untidy. 

These are my eyebrows without any make up on and as you can see they are quite sparse. The products I like to use are Mac Omega with an angled brush (I can't even remember where my one is from but it was just a fairly cheap standard one from either Boots or Superdrug), and Maybelline's Browdrama in Medium Brown. 

I like to use Mac Omega first, and then Maybelline Browdrama afterwards to set everything in place but give my eyebrows a bit of colour as well. Mac Omega is an ashy brown, matte shade that in the pan looks quite light for me as I have dark brown hair but personally  I think it is just the right shade when my make up is finished. One thing that I really like about the Maybelline Browdrama is the brush which is a small circular brush at the end of a more typical mascara brush which makes it really easy to apply accurately. I also really like the colour as it is not too obvious. Generally, my eyebrows tend to stay in place all day and the eyeshadow doesn't become chalky so overall I am really happy with my current routine. 
The Maybelline Browdrama brush

With foundation and eyebrow make up on just the left hand side
With both eyebrows finished
With all of my make up finished
 What's your eyebrow routine?


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  1. Loove the blog!! Keep up the good work!! xo kelly