Friday, 20 April 2012

Brows .....

Today, during a little break from revision I did a little bit of shopping in Manchester and decided that it would be a really good idea to get my brows done .... now I'm not so sure. I decided  to go for a brow tint and wax at the Benefit counter in Boots. It cost £11.50 which isn't too bad seeing as it took about 20 minutes. Although I am pleased with the overall shape and colour, I really wasn't pleased with the customer service; the girl doing the waxing and tinting was lovely and doing a really good job when her manager came a long and was rushing her because the next customer had arrived early in front of me, which seemed really unprofessional to me and didn't exactly make me feel like a valued customer. The manager then said she would do the finishing touches on my brows, including cover up etc for the redness and just threw any old product on there and didn't ask about my skin type or preferred eyebrow shade or anything. Anyway, this resulted in me being pretty unhappy with the customer service and the finished result, as I feel the eyebrows are way too dark for my skin tone and hair colour but at least it should come off when I get home. Let's hope so anyway. Here's a cheeky pic of my brows but I'm in the library so I'm going to try and do it discreetly .... this could prove quite difficult ... :)

What do you think? Eeek. I'm still not sure.


  1. Your eyebrows look really nice; I love the shape - they look very neat. Did waxing hurt a lot? I've only plucked my brows - I've been thinking of getting them waxed/threaded but I'm a big baby. :)

    /going off on a tangent:
    I've had some terrible customer service at Benefit. My local counter I avoid at all costs because the girl would shamelessly make you feel pressured into buying something, even when I said no she'd say "go on, go onnn!"
    It's got to the point I don't go there [to that counter] anymore. I've not been in months and months and think she may have left now because I've not seen her walking past; but God - it's put me off for life!

    1. Thank you! They have grown on me and the colour has died down a little bit :) Waxing didn't hurt really at all. Probably no more than plucking does tbh but I get legs etc waxed regularly so if you aren't used to it, it might hurt more.

      Oh don't even get me started on terrible customer service. I hate it how you can really want to try a brand but don't simply because of how rubbish the make-up artists are. I'm currently having a similar issue with my local Mac counter. They are SO rude. I also got attacked by someone a bit lipgloss happy by the ysl counter but I managed to get out of that one. I would say give Benefit another go, especially if you think the girl has left, because they do have some lovely products and it would be a shame to miss out on them