Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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The title of this post is the title of the Kate Bush song that was covered by Maxwell a couple of years ago. I absolutely adore Kate Bush partly because she is a bit off the wall but mainly because she reminds me of my best friend. Many a night have we been found to be running around our kitchen belting out songs at the top of our voices and doing some god awful dance moves. We also have a penchant for singing harmonies that only dogs could hear but if that's what gets us through the day then really my housemates have no right to complain! :) 

I'm currently revising again but this time I couldn't even bear to leave the house so I'm in my boyfriend's room. I thought I would do a product review today as I have tried a few new ones recently. Firstly, my skin type is pretty sensitive and dry so not all skincare types work for me but I like to try new products so here's the first one! I bought the May 2012 edition of RED magazine (£3.90) and it came with a 30ml sample of Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' Hot Cloth Cleanser and a muslin cloth. My standard cleanser is usually any of the no7s ones really  so I thought it would be interesting to see how I got on with this one and I have to say unfortunately I wasn't overly impressed. This cleanser has a very heavy rosemary scent which is nice but reminds of a Sunday roast, not really what I want to smell like all day. The steps that came with the cleanser were very well laid out and simple to follow, and I did really like the feel of the hot water, but overall I felt like the cream was too thick and didn't make any noticeable difference to my skin. I also found that the muslin cloth was way too harsh for my skin and I wouldn't want to use it twice a day for fear of having no skin left, but I know I do have sensitive skin so this could be fine for someone with less sensitive skin. I will keep on trying this product for another couple of days to see if my opinion of it changes but at the moment I'm giving this a 2/5, and will definitely be sticking with my no7 cleansers. 

I am also currently looking for a good  brush cleaner?? Does anyone have any recommendations? xx

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