Friday, 27 April 2012

Croc vs crackle ...

I recently bought the Barry M croc nail varnish in black, and as it is similar to the crackle nail varnish, which I also have in black from Barry M, I thought I would do a little review comparing them.  Both nail varnishes cost the same at £3.99 in Superdrug, and Superdrug currently have a buy 2 get £1 off deal. The croc nail varnish only comes in black at the moment (to my knowledge), but the crackle effect has a really large range of colours, including pink, white and purple. Personally, I'm kind of over the crackle nail effect but I thought I would try the croc effect to see if I preferred it. 

After doing a clear base coat in my Sally Hanson 'maximum growth - daily nail treatment' polish, I did another base coat with my Rimmel Lycra Wear nail varnish in 367 Chocolate factor on both hands. With the croc nail effect, it's really important that you apply the croc nail varnish when the base coat is touch dry. It really does make a difference and it takes longer than the crackle effect to work so don't worry if it isn't changing instantly. 

I apologise for the standard of the photos but I had to use my phone and the camera is pretty shocking. I preferred the croc effects a lot to the crackle effect. The finished effect is much darker and glossier, and also a bit more interesting than the crackle effect. However, the crackle effect nail varnish is a lot easier to remove. The croc effect nail varnish is preeeetttyyy stubborn, to say the least. 

Overall, I definitely prefer the crocodile effect to the crackle effect in the Barry M range, but the price for both is pretty good and also the crackle effect is less hassle. I also received my first glossy box today, so there will be a review on that coming soon. It's pretty exciting getting one in the post :) but I want to thoroughly test the products before I review them