Tuesday, 17 April 2012

First post!

So ... to drag me from the boredom that is revising for my final year exams I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I doubt it will be very interesting as it's current sole purpose is to stop me sticking my pen in my eye, but I'm sure many people are going through the drudgery of revision at the moment too, so we can get through it together. I'm 21 and live in the good old UK. I'm currently in my third year of a Human Biology degree in Birmingham and my first exam is in 2 weeks! Absolutely petrifying but on the positive side I will be finished on the 11th of May! Whoop. I have absolutely loved my three years in Brum, and have made lots of friends and memories that will stay with me forever, but I am definitely ready to move on now. In September I will be moving to Manchester to study Midwifery. I really cannot explain how excited I am to start! It feels like it has been a long time coming because the wise woman that is my mother strongly suggested (pretty much forced) me to do a less specific course first, just in case I absolutely hated midwifery. She was right of course, as studying midwifery at uni doesn't really let you have the full-on student experience due to the joys of night shifts and the like (you know you are excited when you are even looking forward to night shifts), and I also feel much better prepared to deal with patients etc then I would have done at 18. I'm sure you will find out more about me as time goes on. I'm one of 5 children, and a very proud auntie! Absolutely love being from a big family and they are pretty darn important to me. I have also got an average boyfriend (actually he is pretty darn special but I'm aware that he just took a sneaky peek whilst I was writing and I don't want him to know that I think he's pretty special ... oops no he definitely saw .... busted!). We have been together 6 years and have had ups and downs but they have been the best ups and downs of my life. He is definitely a keeper! 

Eventually, I would love to make this blog into a bit of a beauty number but until exams are over I'm afraid that might be on hold, but after they are done I will be spending my student finance instalment wisely indeed.... in you guessed it .... various shops in  Birmingham and Manchester. So until then here are a few of my staple everyday make up loves. I adore no7 for skincare, and have done ever since I used to steal my mum's make up bag and say to myself 'This is what make up is supposed to feel like!!' My favourite range is the protect and perfect range, especially the day cream and the serum. The long term love of my life has been Chanel, and I haven't found any faults with my new fling the perfection lumière foundation. It tends to go a little bit dry towards the end of the day as I have quite dry skin but I still adore it more than any other. Also, anything with a bit of SPF and I'm there. My current favourite eyeshadow is a FCUK one I stole from my ma yonks ago. It's a nice golden brown and I'm a sucker for a smokey eye even if I'm stuck in the library all day. I'm sure you will find out more about my make up lusts and loves if you continue reading this blog, but my absolute every day staple is my mascara! Unfortunately, I'm not one of this get out of bed pretty types but then I guess if anyone does think they are, they are probably as self-confident as Samantha Brick, which I am not. Yes, I have of course had numerous men spontaneously throw themselves down so I don't step in a puddle, (haven't we all????), but not without a bit of mascara ;)

To give this blog a bit of a personal touch I thought I would end it with a poem I won an award for  when I was about 13. My mother thought it made me sound like I was disabled. I'm not disabled by the way, I was actually writing about running and the passing of a friend but my mother is an odd woman as I'm sure you will soon discover. One thing about Mamma Mee is her lack of tact. For example, she bought me weight management pills for Christmas. She thought they would be helpful, I thought it was a little bit offensive. 

'My body is a cage, when I die I am free'

Admittedly, it is a pretty short poem, but I got to go to London, even if they did think I was disabled. 

  This is me, in the library. Bit of a pose, but  a darn
         site more attractive than the ones of my boyfriend tickling me.

                                 And this..well this is cracker from our year 11 prom! 
                                        Yep that's the boyfriend, bow tie and all. 

And to everyone who has got this far here's to hoping the next one won't be as long


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