Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lancome cleanser ...

Recently, I bought the Lancome Hypnose mascara (see review here) and the sales assistant offered me a set of mini products if I bought another item, well it would have taken a stronger woman than me to resist that offer so I went for it and bought a really nice nude lipstick. There were 5 products in the set she gave me and I'm actually really glad I bought the extra product, because I love the lipstick and it's been really nice trying out new products. The first one I thought I would review is the 'Galateis Douceur' which is a 'gentle softening cleansing fluid' for the face and eyes. 
The sample I was given was 125ml which is a pretty sizeable sample, seeing as the sizes available are 200ml and 400ml. This is a fairly pricey cleanser at £21.00 for the smaller size and £34.00 for the 400ml, which is quite a lot but I think it would last a really long time (I have been using my 125ml bottle at least once a day for about a month and have only used a quarter of the bottle). I am really impressed with this cleanser, it is really light and is good for when my skin is behaving itself so only needs a light cleanse. It is also really effective at removing make up, even stubborn eye make up. 
This cleanser is described as a 'water-light lotion' on the Debenhams website, and I couldn't agree more. It really glides on to the skin, and removes make up quickly and easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, ready for my toner and moisturiser. However, there is one negative that I have to point out and that is the scent. Personally, a scented product doesn't bother me but I know that for some people it is a significant factor, especially in skin care opposed to make up. It is quite a strong scent, and isn't natural either, more like perfume. But, if you can get over the smell, I would highly recommend this cleanser, especially if you are looking for something to lightly cleanse the skin. I like to use this cleanser in conjunction with the Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' for when I feel like my skin needs more of a deep clean, however, £21 is a fair whack to spend so whether I will be repurchasing this when it eventually runs out I'm not sure. Overall, I am really glad that I got to try this out without spending the £21/£34 on a full sized product, and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a higher end of the price range, light but scented cleanser. 


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