Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Home ...

After finishing my exams and going up to Manchester, I decided to go home to my parent's house for some rest and relaxation, and I thought I would share some pictures with you! I live in a tiny village in Warwickshire, but we don't even live in the village but on a farm outside. (We don't own the farm just the farm house but the farmer let's us wander all over the place). It is an old house that is slowly falling to pieces and is freezing all year round, but I have lived here since I was 4 and I will be so sad when my parents decide to sell. My mum has already said that in the next 3 years they will think about selling and everyone is so sad about it, but they bought it when they had all 5 of us children living with them, so it is far too big and expensive for just the two of them. But I'm still sad. We have quite a few animals, including some chickens, which my Dad adores, so here are some pictures ....

All my stuff on the train. I decided to take the flowers with me and they survived the journey (phew), and are now in my kitchen x
These are the chicks we raised from fertilised eggs. We had 5 eggs, but only 3 survived and they are now a month old and so cute! We have two cockerels (the lighter ones) and one hen.
The chicks have their own separate pen to protect them from the other hens until they are bigger.Tthis hen isn't their mother but was broody when we got the eggs so has looked after them ever since! 

These hens are our other chickens of all different breeds. The one on the right is one of five rescue hens that we got earlier this year. They were battery hens and they had lost a lot of their feathers and couldn't walk properly and we didn't think many of them would live very long but they have all coped really well! My Dad calls them his girls :) 

The one on the left is a hen and on the right is a cockerel. So cute!

This is my dog Tilly - she is a black lab cross and we got her from a rescue shelter 10 years ago, and on the right is my house. 

My brother is a tree surgeon and is obsessed with landrovers. It's absolutely ridiculous. These are both his and he does use them for his job, and has fixed them up himself. The one on the right is called Matilda and I can't remember what the other one is  called, but it's probably something equally appropriate :) 

The rape fields behind my garden! It was only nice like this for about 5 minutes but it was lovely while it lasted. 

Anyway, I thought I would just share a little bit of where I grew up. I really like living in a city now but I'm a country girl at heart :) 



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    1. Thank you! I miss it so much when I'm at uni! xxx