Monday, 14 May 2012

Magazine freebies ...

May has been a really good month for freebies with magazines. Nails Inc has paired up with InStyle magazine, and created three shades that are free with the June issue of InStyle which is available to buy now. Nails Inc have done this sort of thing before. I bought Saville Row with an issue of Glamour last year, and I wish I had bought more copies to get the different colours, so when I saw that they were doing the same with InStyle this year I decided to go for it and buy all three. They are all lovely summer shades and the InStyle magazine costs £3.80 so a lot less than the £11.00 normal price. 

L-R: Powder Pink, Bluebell, Peach Sorbet

Powder Pink - Nails Inc

Bluebell - Nails Inc

Peach Sorbet - Nails Inc

L-R: InStyle magazine, Marie Claire

Another really good freebie this month was with Marie Claire and it was a Body Shop liptint in bronze or red. I chose the bronze one as the red one wasn't in any of the magazines in the shop and I was really interested to try it as I haven't tried Body Shop make up in a really long time. The first piece of make up I ever had was a Body Shop cream eyeshadow and I absolutely adored it, so this did make me a bit nostalgic. It is like a lip gloss packaging and has a doe foot applicator, which is pretty standard. I have tried lip tints before but only a red one, Benetint from Benefit. This was thicker than Benetint and I preferred it as a lip stain than the cheek stain, however, it was nice to taste and if you licked your lips or ate or drank it tasted pretty horrible. It costs £10.00 from the Body Shop but the magazine costs £3.70. There are some negatives; it is really drying on your lips, and when you put it on your cheeks you have to blend it pretty sharpish as it sets quickly. However, I really like the gold/bronze tones it creates, especially on the lips. 


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