Saturday, 26 May 2012

May Glossybox ...

I know a lot of people have been talking about this month's glossybox recently but I was quite disappointed with this one, especially compared to last month's, so I thought I would share my opinions as well. 
My first impressions of the box were really good. This is only my second box, and as the last one was for the natural theme, I hadn't seen this pink box before and I thought it was quite sleek and something I would keep for future use. I also really liked the tissue paper! It's such a nice, simple way to conceal the contents and the packaging provides the protection. I will definitely be saving it for wrapping a small present or something. I also thought the sticker was pretty cute too.
Initially, I wasn't overly impressed with any of the products in the box and it hasn't really improved much since. I don't want to be negative but seeing as it was their one year anniversary box I really thought they would have made it more special. They have included a fairly nice mirror, and although it is always useful to have a mirror in your bag, I already have several mirrors that I really like to use. They also included a balloon which is ok but really I wouldn't have been fussed if it hadn't been included. 

I really wasn't impressed with the fact that these two samples count as one of the five products included. They are perfumes that I haven't tried before but is it just me who finds it weird that in most department stores you can get perfume samples for free so why are they being included as a product in a box that you pay for?? Last time I bought my boyfriend an aftershave from Debenhams the sales assistant gave me about 6 samples. Also, these scents aren't really for me, and I already have a pretty long list of perfumes I want to try when my current ones run out. So, in summary, the samples might go into my bag on the odd occasion but I won't be buying them, especially as they are quite pricey at over £60, and I'm a bit disappointed that for a supposedly special box for their anniversary they have been included. 

I don't want to be too negative with this review, but compared to last month's box this month's is pretty underwhelming. I received these eyelashes, which from this range seem to be some of the nicer ones, as some of them are really big or have gold all over them, but they still aren't really my thing. I'm not a huge fake eyelash lover anyway but if I do wear them I go for  the ones that look fairly natural, and these aren't really natural at all. They are nice, but they look really spiky and obviously fake. Although, I'm sure these will be nice for a special occasion I'm not overly impressed that these have been included either. Also, I have heard that some people received different eyelashes that at about £8, are much more expensive than these which are worth £3.90, which seems a bit odd. I imagine that the Glossybox team do their best to make the boxes all add up to a similar price, but I don't think my box is worth £10 let alone the postage on top of that, especially compared to how much my box was worth last month. 
This is another product that I'm not over the moon about. I was given two packets but I don't really wear face masks very often as I have quite sensitive skin. Although I probably will use these at some point, maybe a girly night in or a sleepover, I wouldn't buy them myself and I wouldn't have been fussed at all if they hadn't been included in the box. 
This is a product that I actually am quite positive about (at last!). It has got quite a masculine scent which at first is a bit off putting but I have tried it in the bath and the scent was much more pleasing when it wasn't so concentrated. It also lathered up really well and was really relaxing. The size of the product isn't great, it is more like something you would get in a hotel but I travel up to Manchester quite a lot so it will be handy for that. I'm not blown away by this product, but I do like it and I imagine I will use it all up. 
This product is the one I am most pleased with. It is a hair oil and although the sample is tiny at 10ml I'm still pleased I got it. I have been wanting to try hair oils for a really long time but they are quite expensive. The scent is really nice and feels really lovely on my hair. It seems to be working in the last two days I have been using it, so hopefully it will work with my hair in the long term but I will be using it sparingly because I don't think I will pay £19.99 for 100ml when it runs out. I'm really glad this was included in this month's glossybox, and is the best product by far for me. 

Overall, as I'm sure you can tell I'm pretty underwhelmed by this month's box and if this had been my first box I would have probably unsubscribed, but I loved last month's box so hopefully this is just an exception, which is a shame considering that it is their one year anniversary box. I don't like to be so negative and I'm sure there are some people who are really happy with their box, but unfortunately I'm not and I feel that it is important to be honest.



  1. I got the same products as you! I didn't think much of the face mask!

    1. I still haven't tried the face mask yet. How did you feel about your products? xx

  2. great review! xx