Sunday, 13 May 2012

Exams are over ...

I had my last exam on Friday and I am so glad they are over, but now the long wait until I get my results begins. I'm absolutely dreading them because this is my degree!! I can't believe it. It only feels like last month that I was moving into halls! My mum said on the day that I moved in to my new flat that it was one of the most exciting times of my life and I was like 'yeah mum, whatevs I'm too cool for that' (haha) but it really was. I was lucky enough to get on brilliantly with all but one of my flatmates straight away, and they have become my best friends. We also met some really good guys (in a pub :) ) who are now my housemates and who are also great friends (for the most part). I have been so lucky, but it has also been pretty hard. I really don't want these whole three years to have been a waste, and I just hope hope hope that I have done well enough. I really don't want to let my parents and boyfriend down, but anyway that is enough of the worrying. So after my exam, I quickly packed and headed on up to Manchester to see my boyfriend, but I forgot the library book that was the main reason I was going up there. Whoops :) After I got to Manchester, I had to get ready pretty quickly and then we went out for a meal, at no4 in Disbury which was lovely. I wish I had taken some photos but both me and Mike decided to leave our phones at his so we didn't have any distractions. It was lovely though :) And .... how sweet is this .... he sent me some flowers to my house in Birmingham to cheer me up about my exams. Believe me I am aware of how lucky I am. So sweet, and he has been totally spoiling me recently. So in return I got him a card that said 'It's bean another year' :), and I'm looking at a book to get him about the East India Trading Company (his request), because we are almost at the end of what has been a really hard year. Going to university with a long term relationship that you want to maintain is hard, and we have had some pretty major bumps along the way, but we are almost at the end of it and stronger than ever. I can say without a doubt that he is the one for me, and honestly I have known it since we were 14. Right enough of that :) 

SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the basket as well. 

I'm already back in Birmingham because Mike still has exams, but it was definitely worth going up to see him. I'm going back to my parent's house later which will be lovely. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with them, and being looked after. I may be 21 but I still need looking after every now and again :) . I didn't want to make this a really long post so I will be doing another beauty post tomorrow instead of on the end of this one.



  1. Oh that was such a lovely post to read!
    I'm in my first year at university at the moment, and I've been really lucky with my flatmates too!

    Your boyfriend sounds lovely too, and I love how you've maintained your relationship throughout uni, shows how much love there is :)

    Hope you get the results you want!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Have you got exams at the moment? I'm glad you have been lucky with your flatmates too! It has been hard to stay together but it has been worth it too! Hope you get the results you want too!