Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Simple nail art 3 ...

I have been really enjoying simple nail art recently, so I thought I  would give another idea from  The Beauty Department a go. I found this really easy to do, and I really like the finished effect.

To do this nail art, you will need:
A base colour (I chose 424 - Bordeaux from Essie)
A colour for the detail (I chose Rimmel - Black Cab)
A dotting tool (Bought or homemade)

Firstly, I thought I would show you how I made the dotting tool, which I found instructions for on the Beauty Department website. To do this I used a pencil with a rubber on the end, and a normal dressing pin. I then put the pin in the rubber and voila! a dotting tool! 

After applying the base coat you can now add the dots to the 
base coat using the dotting tool. I did it by putting some of the nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper and then dotting the pin into it, but I'm sure several ways work equally well. I did it in a random pattern, but more dense at the nail bed becoming more sparse towards the end of the nail. I really like this effect, I think it's pretty subtle but different, and I'm definitely going to try this technique with different colours. 

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