Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lola ....

One of my all time favourite perfumes is 'Lola' by Marc Jacobs. I absolutely love it. I used to wear 'Daisy' a lot a couple of years ago and thought Lola might be too heavy for me, but I asked for it for a present for my birthday or a Christmas, I can't quite remember, and it has been my go to perfume ever since. I never really repurchase perfume unless it has been a 'Holy Grail - Oh My God I Can't Live Without This' perfume. I also really love to keep all of my perfume bottles and their boxes. I know to some people this is quite weird, but I always leave a little bit in the bottom and because I tend to wear one perfume until it runs out, they always remind me of specific times in my life. Recently, I lost a bottle of Lola when I had gone out on a night out :( and I was pretty upset, and my boyfriend being so absolutely adorable bought me a new one as a suprise (I'm not sure I want to let you all know that I'm a little bit messy but he hid it in my room for like 2 weeks and I only found it when he came down for the weekend and got it out .... but, in my defence it was behind a chest of drawers and who looks behind their chest of drawers regularly????) But how thoughtful is this!! Instead of buying me another big bottle that is quite cumbersome and easy to lose :( he bought me a travel holder and two refills! So cute!

I thought I would include a picture of my two boxes so you can see how beautiful they are! The refill one is on the left and the traditional bottle is on the right, and as you can see they have they maintained the same packaging and design throughout which I think is lovely.

I thought I would include this photo as well just to give an idea of how big it is (the bottle on the left is 30ml). It is so pretty and sleek, and also a really good size to fit in a handbag.

Lola is described as a 'warm floral bouquet - playfully alluring and irresistibly tempting' on the Boots website, and I have to agree.  Perfume is really important to me and I really like it when people say they identify a scent with me. The prices for the various sizes vary quite a lot throughout the shops, but the sizes are 30ml (although I think this may have been discontinued because it was impossible to find online ???), 50ml, 100ml and then this refill one which is 2 x 20ml (you get an additional refill with it as well). It seems to generally be £57 for the 100ml (this does vary a lot because I have also seen it in boots for £63) and £43 for the 50ml. I didn't really want to look up the price for the one I have because it seems to be a bit rude to look how much presents cost, but I thought for the purpose of this blog I would find it out and it seems to be £32 online and £42 in shops. 

This is a really sweet bag that comes with the spray and I use it to keep my refill in, and it is the perfect additional touch.

This is the spray and the top bit pops up when twist the top half. This is one of my favourite perfume designs ever!

This scent is really long-lasting without being overpowering and although the smaller spray isn't a great bargain I would still rather get this one again, because the bottles are quite bulky and difficult to carry around on a night out etc. Overall, it was a beautifully thought out present, and I absolutely adore it. 

Finally, I haven't tried the Oh!Lola perfume from Marc Jacobs because I'm not overly keen on summery fragrances but I do love a bit of MJ so if anyone has tried it would you recommend it?? It might have to be my summer fragrance purchase :) Also, does everyone else really love the bottles. I think they are so lovely



  1. lola is a wonderful scent :) I bought the daisy one and I love it. I leave it always in the packaging, because I read that the scent will be the same... otherwise it could be that, because of the sun the scent could change. maybe that was the reason why I always don't liked the scent anymore after a few months. :/

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. I might have to repurchase the daisy perfume soon. It is lovely. I might start putting the ones I only use every now and again in the packaging then. Thanks for the tip xxx

  2. I love this perfume, I got given it in solid form in a beautiful lola flower ring, always reminds me of Christmas time :) x

    1. I love it when perfumes remind you of a specific time. I haven't got any solid form perfumes. Do you prefer them to normal liquid perfume? xxx

  3. it smells amazing and the packaging is gorgeous!