Sunday, 20 May 2012

Real Techniques 3 ...

By now I'm sure you have all realised that I'm pretty obsessed with Real Techniques brushes. I really wasn't into brushes before but now I don't know how I applied my make up before I bought these. The most recent ones I have bought are the Powder Brush, and the Core Collection (I will do a review on this at a later date), and I think this is where I should leave brush buying for a while :) . The Powder Brush costs £12.99 from Boots, and as you might have guessed from how I feel about the other Real Techniques brushes I love it. 

The brush is huge, and so soft! Below is a picture comparing the powder brush to my stippling brush to show how big it is! It hasn't shed at all, which I know can be a problem with some brushes, and it is really soft. This brush didn't come with a travel case, like some of the other kits did, but it fits in the cases I already have, along with the other brushes perfectly. It is also probably the best powder brush I have ever used. It distributes the powder evenly and lightly, and helps to create a flawless finish. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this brush, particularly for someone who is just building there collection. It is a lovely brush that ticks all of the boxes without being overly expensive, and I think Samantha Chapman has created a brilliant range of brushes. 


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