Monday, 21 May 2012

My weekend ....

All my course friends finished their exams on Friday so I went back up to Birmingham and we all went out to Gatecrasher. This has been the club that we have gone to the most during my time at uni. It is huge and you will lose people throughout the night. I still couldn't tell you where all the rooms are, but it definitely makes for a good night out! We started off with pre-drinks at my friends house, where I got handed 3 drinks at once upon arriving. The evening started off pretty civilised with champagne, leading to drinking games with vodka and lemonade, ending with the straight vodka we had snuck into the club. This is never a good idea, and I do not recommend it. But, it was celebrating the end of my degree! Which is quite a big deal really. Anyway, here are some pictures! Most of them are shocking quality so sorry!

I'm wearing a Motel dress that I got two years ago, and a New Look clutch bag.

Haha definitely worse for wear!

I thought I would just add that I do not condone excessive or binge drinking, and you should always drink responsibly :) . I definitely did not feel great in the morning, but on Saturday I had my boyfriend's mum's surprise party! We went to the dogs at Hall Green, and it was so much fun! It costs £12.50 to enter, and you got a meal and a drink with that. The meal was just scampi/chicken and chips but I was hungry and it was good enough for me. I had such a good night and I would definitely recommend going to something similar if you want a fun, random night out. I can see why people get addicted to it and we were all getting really into it by about two races in.

On Sunday, I chilled out for most of the day, watching the voice and tidying my room and then came back home in the evening. All round, a darn good weekend really!


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