Monday, 7 May 2012

Real techniques part 2 ...

After I bought the stippling brush from Real Techniques (click here for my review) and absolutely fell in love with it, I decided to save up for the eye brush set as I have never really bought or been interested in make up brushes, and tended to just use crappy ones that I had got with sets etc. (Don't worry I now realise the error of my ways). Anyway when I got my student loan, I decided to get them and I'm pretty glad I did. I bought it for £21.99 in Boots, and it comes in a handy travel case and holder. I don't keep them in there, but I will definitely be putting them in there when I go up to Manchester to see my boyfriend. Not only will it keep them safe, it also acts as a holder. Very swish. 

To make the holder into the stand you just pull the string and it folds the holder backwards, and tighten the toggle, creating a sturdy stand, which is really handy when you are applying your make up. 

This eye brush kit comes with 5 brushes - the deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush and the brow brush (this is the same order that it is in the photos from left to right). I'm really happy with all of the brushes, but the only one I struggle with is the deluxe crease brush, it is too big for me and I don't end up putting just in my crease but all over my lid instead (not the desired look), so until I have figured that one out properly I'm not loving it as a brush, but the others I really am. The base shadow brush is brilliant for applying a shadow all over the lid and is really soft! I use the accent brush for highlighting say the inner corners of my eyes with a lighter shade, or for applying eyeshadow as a subtle eyeliner, and it is lovely and small. The eyeliner brush is probably my favourite, because when I was applying my gel eyeliners previously I was using the brushes that came with it thinking they were fine, well they weren't because this is fab. It is so easy to use, and really easy to change the style and shape of the eyeliner, you can do a subtle tiny line or a huge amy winehouse wing. It is pretty nifty. The last brush is another brush I have been using every day since I bought it and it is the brow bush. Ever since I got my brows tinted, I have been using the brush to fill them in with an eyeshadow for a subtle finish and I'm really pleased with it. It is really soft and because it is angled it is good for accuracy too. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just starting to use brushes and is looking for a general kit. The brushes are lovely and soft and easy to clean, and I'm really pleased with them. Although the kit is quite expensive at £21.99, for 5 brushes that is actually ok in my opinion, especially compared to Mac prices (they range from £14.00 to £22.00 for a single brush). 

I thought I would also add a picture of the mug Mike sent me!! Is this just so cute! He sent it to me to cheer me up during exams, and it's just a bit of an inside joke because sometimes, especially during exams, I can get a little snappy and he jokes that I act like a little princess. We have gone through a lot of exams together and now he just takes the micky out of me for it. But anyway, I thought this was so cute and thoughtful and really cheered me up, so I thought I would share it with you all. He is a keeper :)


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