Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fantasy fire ...

I have heard so many bloggers talking about the nail polish, 45 - Fantasy Fire, from Max Factor that when I saw it in Superdrug I snapped it up pretty sharpish. It was the last one left and I'm really glad I managed to find one, because although it looks lovely I'm not prepared to pay the prices it has been selling for on ebay (it cost me £2.99 because Superdrug have a £1 off the mini Max Factor nail polishes but on ebay they are going from anywhere between £7.99 to £15.00 - which seems ridiculous to me). Apparently, one of the reasons it is so popular is because it is a really good dupe for a discontinued Clarins shade. 

Fantasy Fire is a lovely purple/blue base with green, blue, orange shimmer in it, but it is really sheer and I quickly realised it would take way too many coats and far too much time to reach any sort of opacity, so I applied one base coat of a similar general colour, which was No7 Speed Dry in 44 - Violetta. This coat provided a really glossy, opaque finish which I was really impressed with and provided a really good base for the Fantasy Fire to work with. I then applied three coats of the Fantasy Fire and then one top coat, so a lot of coats were still required. However, Fantasy Fire did dry really quickly in between coats, like the other Max Factor Minis, and the base coat is quite dark, so I think I will try it out with a lighter base coat another time. 

Overall, I would recommend this nail polish but not at the price it is going for on ebay. It is a small bottle and the formula is pretty sheer, and a lovely nail polish to have to spruce up a plain colour, but not something I would pay £10 for. 


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